Vitis vulpina  (Riverbank Grape)

This vine is the 'riverbank grape or wild grape native to much of North America, including the south-eastern parts of our region' (Gardening on the Prairies, author Roger Vick).

In the right conditions (lots of sun, adequate moisture) foliage forms a very thick screen. I've seen this grown on an arbour, looked quite nice.

The grapes are the size of a small marble. Ours get quite sweet, very tasty. I've read others describe the grapes as being quite sour. Prolific fruit producer.

Hardy to Zone 3 with protection. We have ours growing on trellises protected from the cold north and north-west winter winds. The roots of our plants get good snow cover, we don't bother mulching them. We just leave the vines up on the trellis, unprotected.

A.k.a. Vitis riparia.

(Strictly speaking this is usually classified as woody ornamental, not a perennial.)

Glen's score:  7.

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