Arnica fulgens - photos and description


Basal leaf in above photo

Flowers orange-yellow, flower heads measured to 4.5 cm in diameter, with a slight fragrance. Basal leaves are oblanceolate, 3 or 5 ribbed, basal leaf in photo was 4 cm long and 12 mm wide. Stem leaves are opposite, and linear-lanceolate. Entire plants are hairy, leaves woolly.

Fairly common. Native to meadows and moist spots on prairies.

Height listed in Budd's Flora from 20 to 40 cm. We measured plants to 36 cm tall.

I have grown these from seed to grow in our rock garden, quite showy.

Took the above photos June 2nd, hilly grassland, Old Man on His Back Conservation Area, about 500 km southwest of Regina, SK, and in a meadow, June 22nd in the Cypress Hills, 450 km southwest of Regina, SK, and June 24th on moist prairie about 125 km west of our home in Regina, SK.